Hello, my name is Hawa Faye, the founder and designer at Deeja Designs. Welcome to my African inspired handmade clothing online store, a Hobby-turned small business based in Wales, UK.

I always have a passion for sewing since I was little. However, growing from a small west African state, The Gambia, I was made to believe that in order to be successful and be well respected in society, one has to be a lawyer, doctor, nurse or banker. I settled into nursing and still practising as a Staff Nurse.

My passion for sewing continues since I had my children as I sew outfits for them, and extends even further as the pandemic hits nations in 2020. As a source of escape from the emotional strain being in the frontline and the extensive online and media coverages of the catastrophes caused , I found myself doing more and more sewing and embroidery and posting them online. This generated massive interests from people.

With the rise of the BLM movement, as a parent and a black woman, I felt it was time I play my part in making history -making available ethnic clothing within my community so that younger generations can be inspired to represent their cultural heritage.


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  • Gladwell Grillo

    This is beautiful. I feel that as an african the status is based on “affluent” jobs as you said. Its great that your enriching us with the your rich culture and inviting us to journey with you. As a mother and fellow entrepreneur am inspired. You will definately do big things!!!

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