Today's 'March Meet The Maker' theme is Beliefs and Values

As a brand, Deeja Designs is guided by a set of principles, values and beliefs which are so dear to me. So, for this makers challenge today, I am going to share with you the following:

I believe in ensuring great customer experience as I think every customer deserves to be happy with their purchase. I always try to put myself in the 'customers shoes' and often found pondering questions in my head such as "what if this was me buying this product? or How will I feel if I am treated badly by this company? So far, my customer reviews have proven that this aspect of our values have been achieved which is a great feeling for me. I am hoping to improve further my customer experience at Deeja Designs.

I also believe in producing quality products. I believe in the slogan that if something isn't good enough for me, then it shouldn't be good for my customers. This is why I spend so much time, care and attention to detail when I am creating your products in order to ensure that quality is not compromised. I put all my heart and soul into every piece I make so that you get your perfect product! And being able to attain such is so satisfying for me. 

I believe that we all need to play a part in looking after the environment. As a business, I take great care in ensuring my carbon footprints are limited. During garment creation, I always ensure that fabric pieces are cut systematically in such a way that will reduce wastage. Some of the leftover cut-offs are used to make accessories like head bands, belts, hair bonnets, scrunchies, face coverings, applique embroidery while others are donated.

Deeja Designs is also in collaboration with a fellow small business 'Resoluters', a Wellbeing Craft Charity in Port Talbot - Wales run by the amazing @ResolutewithLiz where some of our scrap fabrics are donated to be used for craft works. In doing this, generated waste is reduced thereby saving the planet! The fabrics used are ethically sourced from Africa, mainly The Gambia which means supporting local tradesmen in the country.

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