About Us

About Us

What I do?

At Deeja Designs, I create unique and modern pieces of African-inspired day to day wears by blending contemporary western clothing with curated African print fabrics. Our items are sourced both from the UK and Africa, and handmade  in Wales, UK. We also embroider company logos for small businesses and offer personalization and tailor-made options catering for the whole family from kids, ladies and gents.

Why I Do it?

As an African woman and a mother, I felt that it was my responsibility to ensure I raise my children to be confident and comfortable about their identity and embrace being different in a positive way. However, this proved challenging, having a husband who worked in the military and us finding ourselves moving quite a lot and hardly any places to source ethnic clothing other than from Africa and a few Online stores.

I always have a passion for sewing and have been creating fabrics into clothing since I was little. Deeja Designs (DD) came alive during the first national Covid-19 lock-down. With the rise of the Black Lives Matter Movement and the need for cultural representation within the community, DD was formed. With so many young African families in the area and surrounding, there was a need for such a service DD offers.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to build a creative brand with the purpose to do good in the community so that black minority of multi-cultural wales can have a representation of their culture through fashion, to allow them, particularly the younger ones, to be confident and proud of their cultural heritage.

Our Vision

Our vision is to expand and work with communities to tackle social exclusion and isolation by raising awareness and offering sewing classes to the schools and the community at large. Some of the behind the scenes will be posted Online in social media and the website. looking into using you tube for lessons and Facebook live.

At Deeja Designs, our items are unique and handmade locally with pride. We use quality and locally sourced blank apparels from UK suppliers on which our carefully curated African print fabrics are designed onto. We offer customers with clothing that is practicable to wear every time and everywhere.

Deeja Designs is a green business. Our fabrics are ethically sourced from Africa, which means supporting local tradesmen in the continent. To reduce our carbon footprint, each piece of creation is carefully cut out from the main fabric and the scraps used as Applique materials and in creating accessories like headbands and scrunchies.

We are in collaboration with a fellow small business and charity, a Wellbeing Arts Hub in Port Talbot where some of our scrap fabrics are donated to be used for their craft works. 

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